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The business services department keeps the day-to-day operations of the district running behind the scenes.  Chief Operating Officer Chris Potts and his staff are responsible for the areas listed below as well as human resources support for the district's non-teaching staff.

Upper Arlington High School Tremont Athletic Fields Request for Qualified Design Professionals

Request for Statements of Qualification to Establish a File of Qualified Design Professionals 

Request for Qualification for Commissioning Services for the Facilities Master Plan Phase I 

Request for Qualification for Construction Materials Inspection, Testing Services and Soil Borings (Phase 1 Project)


Capital Improvements in District

Since the passage of the Permanent Improvement (PI) Levy in 2007, The Upper Arlington City School District has made significant strides in maintaining and improving the buildings and grounds throughout the school district. While the average age of our buildings is 57 years old, we take great pride in providing the best facilities possible for our students, faculty and staff to reach their highest potential of academic excellence.

Over the last five years, the District has made over ten million dollars of improvements to its buildings. This could not have been accomplished without the foresight and generous support of our community. In 2008 and 2009 the District renovated select areas of Barrington and completed two major additions at Barrington and Greensview. Since 2009, the District has focused its PI money towards projects that help to maintain safe, dry and secure buildings. For example, roof replacements, chiller upgrades, parking lot improvements, science lab renovations, building entrance reconfigurations, ADA improvements and restroom renovations.

The summer of 2012 looked very similar to the past three summers. The focus of our capital improvement money revolved around the infrastructure of our aging buildings. We replaced an aging and inefficient chiller at Windermere, completed extensive roof replacement and renovations at both Jones and Barrington, replaced the existing bleachers in the varsity gymnasium at UAHS to bring them up to ADA compliance, upgraded our energy management system for the district and renovated the entire Northeast parking lot at UAHS. These types of projects focus on the bones of our buildings and allow us to continue to provide an exceptional learning environment to educate and prepare today’s student for the 21st century.

This Week News Article: CIP funds can't be use to offset budget cuts

Custodial Services

The Upper Arlington City Schools Custodial Services Department is dedicated to providing an inviting, clean, healthy and safe environment. The quality of our work affects the students, staff, parents and community. Our success promotes an environment that supports teaching, learning, work production and contributes to the quality of our school system. High level of customer service, excellent care and quality workmanship are at the forefront of our daily goals.

Custodial services are provided at all educational and support facilities throughout the school district. Each school is assigned a custodial team responsible for cleaning and upkeep at that facility. In addition, school custodians also assist with the set up, tear down and clean up after various facility uses by school groups and outside users. For more information about our custodial services team, feel free to contact Mike Abbott, Executive Director of Operations, at



Mike Abbott
Executive Director of Operations
Phone icon (614) 487-5302 

Facility Rental

The Upper Arlington City School District is pleased to offer our facilities to community groups and individuals for a facility use fee. The Board of Education has developed specific bylaws and guidelines that govern our facility rental program.

All facility rentals must go through our online application. To access the rental procedures, you must first create an account on our facility rental website. Following the online application, renters will still be required to fill out the two page Facility Rental Agreement.

If you find that our facilities are not meeting your needs, please check out the many options that the City of Upper Arlington has for facility rental. You can access the city's facility rental information through the City of Upper Arlington's website. The City and Schools are excited about the facility options we both offer and look forward to efficiently serving our community.

Should you have any questions regarding school district rental procedures, please contact Jackie Ackerson at 614-487-5007 x 1113 or by email at


Facility Rental Fees

Facility Rental Fee Groups

Facility Rental Agreement

Nutritional Services

The Upper Arlington Schools Nutritional Services staff takes great pride in providing our students with nutritious, tasty, and visually appealing lunches and snacks. Items sold or served at our schools meet very strict state and federal requirements, which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Please feel free to contact Irene Hunt at 614-487-5240 x 2019 for additional information.

Visit the Nutritional Services page.



Irene Hunt
Director of Nutritional Services
Envelope icon
Phone icon (614) 487-5240 x2019

Pam Thompson
Secretary to Director of Nutritional Services
Envelope icon
Phone icon (614) 487-5240 x2019


Operations - Building & Grounds

Under the leadership of Harold (Hal) Plant, the maintenance department provides support services for the purpose of maintaining a well-functioning and safe facility that is conducive to a quality learning and work environment for all those who come in contact with the district. The department conducts all its business in a manner that is integral to the overall mission of the school system and provides assistance to all who require service. We are committed to communicating with our customers in a timely, sincere and professional manner; providing prompt and reliable service; and maintain safe, dry and secure facilities.

The operations department is responsible for the maintenance, repair, grounds upkeep and safe operations for all Upper Arlington School facilities. The department oversees approximately 850,000 square feet of building space in 12 district buildings. We provide expertise in every aspect of building management and maintenance for all schools and buildings. In order to maintain and operate these facilities, maintenance employs 18 workers that include licensed electricians, plumbers, HVAC, pool personnel as well as groundskeepers, carpenters and general tradesmen. To ensure reliability, efficiency and adequacy in all buildings maintenance and operations, we track repair work from initiation to completion, constantly monitoring and assessing quality and cost, through a web-based work order system.

The department takes great pride in its ability to maintain buildings and grounds that on the average are 57 years old. Through creative energy management and resourceful upkeep of our buildings, the department consistently looks for ways to be fiscally responsible for all Upper Arlington School buildings and grounds.



Harold (Hal) Plant
Director of Operational Services
Envelope icon
Phone icon (614) 487-5302 x1301


Transportation Services

The Upper Arlington City School District owns and operates its own fleet of school buses and school transportation vehicles. Capacities range from 9 passenger vans to 71 passenger buses. The number one goal of the department is to provide safe and efficient transportation for all students to and from school and school related activities.

The District also provides parents and students with tips for riding the school bus, bus stop safety and bus rider rules and regulations on the Transportation page. Please take a moment to review these documents to help ensure safe transportation to and from school. If you have additional questions or need bus routing information, please contact

For bus stop updates and delays, please follow the Transportation Department on Twitter at @UA_schools_bus.



Susan Schweitzer
Director of Transportation
Envelope icon
Phone icon (614) 487-6477
On Twitter: @UA_schools_bus

Safety & Security

The safety of students and staff is a top priority in our school district.  Our staff works closely with the Upper Arlington Division of Police and the Upper Arlington Division of Fire to create safety plans that are continuously reviewed and updated.  We regularly practice safety drills and conduct safety-related discussions with students in a positive and age-appropriate manner.  

Upper Arlington Schools believes that open communication is a key element in maintaining safe learning environments.  To that end the district uses the Speak Up! reporting system to allow students, parents and any other concerned parties to file an anonymous report regarding potential safety or bullying issues.  Speak Up! links can be found in the student resources page of each school website. Upper Arlington Schools also uses a parent notification system that can contact families via phone or email to provide regular updates or emergency messages.  Learn more about the parent notification system at the link below.

Parent notification system

Food Allergy Safety & Awareness

Visit the Safety and Security page.

Photograph of Director of Business Services, Chris Potts

Contact Information

Christopher R. Potts
Chief Operating Officer
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Phone icon (614) 487-5007 x1101

Jackie Ackerson
Student Services Secretary
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Phone icon (614) 487-5007 x1113



1950 North Mallway Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
 (614) 487-5012

1950 North Mallway Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
(614) 487-5000

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